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Our mission is to entertain, inform and inspire people through the power of storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that we work with.

Profiles of People That Interest Me

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Joe is the Founder of loot and the CoFounder of The Archivist. Joe's experience as an entrepreneur spans over twenty five years. Previously, Joe was the first employee and CTO of Capital IQ, the CoFounder and CTO of Inform, the CoFounder and CEO of Fancy and a board member of The Door.

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Redefining modern retail through equal emphasis on innovation and design.


A Brooklyn comics shop oriented around encouraging local kids to become comics creators. Adults only admitted with kids, monthly memberships entitling kids to use copious art supplies and meet with artist-mentors, and to borrow comics.

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Building ventures that address emerging behaviors, markets and technologies. For over 25 years we’ve worked with visionary leaders and fearless entrepreneurs across industries and sectors.

The Archivist

The Archivist provides solutions for luxury brands to recruit customers and deepen the lifetime value of existing ones.

Ashton Kutcher, Edward Norton and the creators of Gossip Girl invest in The Archivist, to help brands reclaim resale

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Developing and producing high-quality storytelling for both theatrical and streaming release. 

In Development - Fitmess

Pilates instructor Dasha gets pulled into a dizzying world of superficial socialites and influencer culture when an internet celebrity takes over the studio where she works.

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Styling and creative direction in video, on social, through experiences, and in photographic portfolios. 

Carine Roitfeld's Fashion Book

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From time to time, I publish books.

Marlo, I love you more than...

Every night before bed, a father and his son argue about who loves whom more. That father decided to make this book to prove once and for all, that he loves his kid more than his kid loves him, by pointing out some of the things that he loves his son more than. Buy on


“The only reason to start a magazine is if there’s a void, where there are words and images stirring to be seen and heard.” - Ingrid Sischy

That’s more or less what’s going on here. This newsletter is inspired by the old Interview Magazine and it’s pioneering editor, who gave twenty-one year old me my first break, by publishing my profile of an up and coming art dealer. It only took me ten years to follow that piece up, at TechCrunch, in conversation with a luxury mogul. Now that an entire decade has passed since my last interview, I am ready to write again. I hope to publish here more than once every ten years, but no promises.

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